2017 Grand Marshals

Grand Marshals for 2017 IN Pride Parade Selected


INDIANAPOLIS, May 31, 2017 – Today, Indy Pride, Inc. announced the honor of Grand Marshal for this year’s Cadillac Barbie IN Pride Parade will go to Chris Paulsen and Deanna Medsker for their outstanding efforts in leading the grassroots campaign for full non-discrimination law in Indiana and their many years of advocacy and service. Each year, local heroes who have made significant contributions to the Indianapolis LGBTQ+ community are selected as the Cadillac Barbie IN Pride Parade Grand Marshals.




Chris Paulsen, former Campaign Manager for Freedom Indiana

Chris has a diverse and well-established history as an active member of the LGBTQ+ movement. She served as a board member and President of Indiana Equality Action and as a board member of Freedom Indiana during the marriage amendment fight.

Chris now aligns with Indy Pride’s goal to support Indiana Youth Group, as she currently serves as honorary co-chair of the capital campaign committee.  A Hoosier through and through, Chris holds an undergraduate degree from Hanover College and a MBA from IU-Southeast.


Deanna Medsker, Document Manager for Servicing Division of Freedom Mortgage

Deanna, devoted wife of Chris Paulsen, is a native Hoosier. She founded and now leads the Northwest Perry Neighborhood Association and is a member of the Housing team of the Southside Quality of Life Plan. Deanna and Chris have lived on the South Side of Indianapolis for 20 years and enjoy supporting the Indiana Fever as season ticket holders.

Over the years, many important figures have accepted the honor of serving as Grand Marshal of the Cadillac Barbie IN Pride Parade, from athletes and organizations, politicians and standing mayors, to artists and activists. Indy Pride, Inc. is proud to work with Chris and Deanna as they continue this tradition with their proud work breaking down barriers here at home.

“Hoosiers are normally friendly and fair people, and I don’t think that’s something that the average Hoosier would want to be known for, for discrimination,” Paulsen said in an interview to Indianapolis Monthly. “It’s not a partisan issue. It’s a fairness issue. I think Hoosiers want to be known as fair, because we are fair.“

For more information about the 2017 Cadillac Barbie IN Pride Parade or to register to march alongside Chris and Deanna, click here.