2014 Entertainment

Circle City IN Pride Festival now includes three entertainment stages, featuring exceptional national, regional, and local talent:

The DeKuyper Main Stage
IndyMojo Second Stage
Indy's Own i94 Stage (NEW!)

View Time Slots for Each Stage
A Day with Garrison Starr, AG, and Maia Sharp
Main Stage // 12:12p :: This super-group of amazing singers, songwriters, producers, and performers have been routinely touring together for what has been dubbed, "An Evening with Garrison Starr, AG, and Maia Sharp". Their songs manage to be polished without losing the rougher edge of their brand of folk-rock; and their concerts reveal the unparalleled passion suffused in the music and the unbridled energy with which it's performed.
Steve Grand
Main Stage // 4p :: Not long ago, Steve Grand was a little-known singer-songwriter from a Chicago suburb. But that all changed July 2, 2013, when his self-funded music video, “All-American Boy,” posted to YouTube. It went viral instantly, accumulating more than 1.5 million views in the first two weeks, and more than 2.75 million today. We're excited to bring Grand to Circle City IN Pride Fest for his Indy debut. A singular talent to watch out for.
The Cliks
Main Stage // 1:40p :: The Cliks are a Canadian rock band lead by the charismatic Lucas Silveira.  Lucas' love for Soul and Blues, the great Motown classics, and dashes of Amy Winehouse and the Black Keys are all mixed into a mélange Silveira dubs, "Soul Rock." Powerful. Provocative. Profound. If music is food for the soul, consider your appetite sated — with plenty leftovers.
Dave Audé
Main Stage // 6p :: Grammy-nominated Dave Audé is an expert at making the crowd dance. A world-renown DJ, producer, and remixer extraordinaire, Audé is fast approaching 100 #1 hits on Billboard charts. He has headlined over twenty Pride festivals throughout the world, including co-headlining the 2013 27th annual NYC Pride “Dance on the Pier” with Cher, and we're proud to bring Audé back to Indy for this, his first Indianapolis performance since 2000.
Main Stage // 5:30p :: The seductive powerhouse behind the hit singles “U B the Bass,” “I’m Still Hot,” and “Something for the Weekend” will tear up the stage with her blistering performance that is part-punk grrl, part-nuWave, but completely titillating!
Main Stage // 3:11p :: Part Nine Inch Nails. Part Gaga. Part kink. Part burlesque. Meet your new spectacle for the 21st century — just in time, too.
DJ Knayte St. James
Main Stage // 10a :: Returning for another year as the emcee for the festival. If you thought the name is pronounced "Nate," you're in good company; however, it's pronounced "Kuh-Nate." He definitely adds a dash of seasoning to the already delicious meal.
Main Stage // 11:19a :: In their 33rd year, the Indy Pride Bag Ladies is one of the oldest HIV/AIDS fundraising organizations in the country.  If you have never seen the Bag Ladies, here is your chance to see what they're all about.  It's drag, but with a twist!
Greg's Line Dancers
Main Stage // 11:29a :: They'll kick-ball-chain and two-step their way into your hearts.
Pride of Indy Pep Band
Main Stage // 11:41a :: Clarinets, flutes, saxophones, tubas, trombones, trumpets, mellophones, percussion. The most energetic of the various Pride of Indy Bands, they go t the beat — and they want to share it! You'll be toe-tappin', finger-snappin', hand-clappin' the entire time. Trust.
Main Stage // 11:54a :: Established in 1991, the Indianapolis Men's Chorus continues its proud tradition of promoting diversity, equality, and justice through the transformative power of music.
Main Stage // 2:18p :: Indiana Youth Group (IYG) provides safe places and confidential environments where self-identified lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth are empowered through programs, support services, social and leadership opportunities and community service. IYG advocates on their behalf in schools, in the community and through family support services.
DJ Deanne
IndyMojo Second Stage // 1:20p :: Big beats, strong synths, and dramatic arrangements peppered with a soulful sprinkling of vocals is the name of the game of Deanne, who has developed a definitive style after over a decade of pleasing enthusiastic clubbers. Undoubtedly your next, "I remember her when--" DJ.
Lemi Vice x Action Jackson
IndyMojo Second Stage // 3:20p :: Your heart will go pitter-patter when you see them smile. But don't get it twisted: You'll be dancing too much to fall too deeply in love with the tag-team duo of Lemi Vice and Action Jackson. House, Disco, Moombahton, Booty, Juke, Groove, Funk, Hip-Hop, Classics, Future-Classics, Garage. Their DJ performances as well as their remix work covers the full gamut of styles and genres, while having the skills to turn it all into a singular cohesive vision. Part of the Rad Summer umbrella of greatness.
Chachi Guerrero b2b DJ Fate

Chachi Guerrero b2b DJ Fate

IndyMojo Second Stage // 11:30a :: A fast riser in the Indy DJ world back-2-back with a well-established mainstay in the scene, Chachi and DJ Fate's record selection choices are complementary to each other.  Be it House, Raregroove, or Hip-Hop,  the real star of their show is The Funk. Chachi Guerro and Dj Fate are not merely DJs — they're an experience!
Jeremy Daeger, aka That Guy
IndyMojo Second Stage // 5:10p :: Mixing bass, funk and rhythms to make you want to dance, That Guy delivers guilty pleasures from your radio and iPod, but with more energy and sophistication. An active member of the G9 Collective since 2009, Jeremy Daeger’s distinct blend of Hip Hop and Break-Beats further diversifies the 2nd-stage line-up at this year's CCINP Fest.
Mav Brooks
IndyMojo Second Stage // 11:00a ::
"Melody, Harmony, Bassline — repeat!
Mix, Record, Master — repeat!"
Not a bad mantra to live by, especially coming from this local 15 year-old producer/DJ wunderkind. Mav is dedicating his performance to the Westfield 8th-grader who recently committed suicide after being bullied because of his sexuality.
IndyMojo Second Stage // 12:30p :: Founding member of the INHouse DJs collective, Jackola's command of the dance floor is matched only by the wide variety of his track selections, from Tech-House, Funky House, Hip-House,  even Break-Beat and Dubstep.  Nothing is off-limits. Do yourself a favor: bring a towel and prepare to sweat. Also catch his opening set at this year's Girl Pride!
DJ David Babb
IndyMojo Second Stage // 4:20p :: David has been the shadowy, unseen hand guiding hundreds of party revelers for the past couple years with his residency at Greg's/Our Place, downtown Indianapolis.  Babb keeps the party hot, sweaty, and sexy. You'll get a small taste of what he dishes out to his regular fans at Greg's/Our Place. Will it be enough? Consider that appetite whetted.
Jessie and Amy
i94 3rd Stage // 2:30p :: Winner of Indy's Own i94 third-stage contest, the energetic duo Jessie and Amy is a singular vision with their criminally amazing blend of rock, blues, soul, and folk. Guitars, harmonies, percussion, — these talented multi-tasking multi-instrumentalists have constructed the perfect catchy, earthy sound. Need proof?
Justin Teague
i94 3rd Stage // 11:00a :: Justin Teague's voice may surprise you — a soulful baritone-tenor full of that perfect, precise emotive quality necessary to guide a song along its journey. You can hear influences of Bruno Mars, John Legend, and the incomparable Tracy Chapman; however, make no mistake: his voice is his own. Hear some of his covers on his Youtube page: http://www.youtube.com/user/jteague814
i94 3rd Stage // 12:40p :: Do yourself a favor, stop what you're doing, go immediately to JAC's Youtube page and watch his latest video. The quality of this video is only surpassed by the sheer talent this young man has and the passion with which he expresses it. We are absolutely convinced that JAC is the 'next big pop thing'and were absolutely floored when we heard his submission to Pride. You will be, too, once you experience what he and his band will do. http://youtu.be/tdyuxeNeAxU
Blue Moon Revue
i94 3rd Stage // 3:25p :: This band has been in the game for over ten years, delivering soulful rock n roll that is tight and taut, charismatic and endearing, full of honesty but free from gimmicks. Last year's Make It Reel release effectively combined rock n roll with a satisfying blend of funk, soul, jazz, and Americana. Check out this video for a reference: http://youtu.be/AS3hrw2NnbI
Mardi Belle
i94 3rd Stage // 1:35p :: Mardi Belle represents everything that made rock n roll what it is today. Riotous, talented, hungry, driven -- these are words that can describe their music just as easily as it describes them, individually and as a band. They perform with an electricity that can power stages, citywide, and it's evident with the release of their semi-eponymous EP "Beautiful Tuesday," available today. Check out their Soundcloud page for more powerful material: https://soundcloud.com/mardi_belle.
Megan Maudlin
i94 3rd Stage // 11:50a :: Megan Maudlin finds comfort in that deep, rich contralto range, and that's where her songs hit you — way down, deep in the gut. Her voice is at times pained, at times sultry, but it always finds its heart in the depth of her music and the span of her lyrics. The things she can do with just a mic, a guitar, and her music will leave you breathless. Folk music at its finest. Check out http://youtu.be/a4965HJ08Cw from her Youtube page and you'll understand.