Pet Pride

Saturday, June 4th • 2:00pm • Riverside Park
Pet Pride

Pet Pride Is Now on a Saturday!

You read that right! This year's pawsitively pawesome Pet Pride will be at Riverside Park (2420 E Riverside Dr) on a Saturday — June 4th to be exact! — so to give everyone a better opportunity to pawticipate.

Pawful puns aside (okay, we'll stop!) this year's Pet Pride will be Saturday, June 4th -- part of the #CCINP Kickoff Weekend!

While there will be some changes, Pet Pride’s focus remains the same: Bring together the community and their pets and have a barking good time! As always, this event is free and open to the public!

Pet Contests:

Returning this year are the pet contests, giving you the chance to show off your Pet Pride:

Pet/Owner Look-A-Like
A Face Only a Parent Could Love
Most Couture Costume
My Pet’s Got Talent

All pets MUST be on a leash or some other species-appropriate restraint, and you must turn in a signed Release of Liability. Please note that pet contest registration is ONLINE ONLY.

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