(Galactic) Pride Skate

Sunday, June 5th • 6p - 9p • Roller Cave Family Fun Center
Pride Skate 2016,

A Circle City IN Pride Week family favorite returns — with a vengeance! Pride Skate has been a highly anticipated family-friendly CCINP event since its inception and this year will be no different.

The Theme:

GALACTIC PRIDE! We encourage everyone to dress up as their favorite character from any space-related TV show or movie — be it Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Guardian of the Galaxy, or even Howard the Duck.

The Details:

This all-ages event will take place from 6pm – 9pm at the Roller Cave Family Fun Center (8734 East 21st Street) on the east side of Indianapolis.



Kids (12 & under)


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Skate rental, two (2) slices of pizza, soft drinks (with free refills), and popcorn are included with the event’s admission. Pardon our pun, but that is a deal that — much like this event — is simply out of this world! Grab your Princess Leia hair-buns, your Sonic Screwdriver, and your warp drive engines and join us in outer space!