Welcome to Indianapolis

Leading up to this year’s Circle City IN Pride, we have talked a lot about growth, history, and tradition — where the deep-rooted foundations of our past are instrumental in helping construct the sturdy home of our tomorrow.

This narrative is brought to life and typified by these three Indy political leaders: City County Councilor Zach Adamson, Congressman Andre Carson, Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard, and Senator Joe Donnelly. Each have written their own personal “Welcome to Indianapolis!” letter for everyone traveling to Indy for CCINP Week as well as Hoosiers, already home.

Zach Adamson The Limitless Possibilities of Tomorrow.
City County Councilor Zach Adamson, Democrat
Indianapolis-Marion County City County Councilor, At Large

Since 2011, when he became the first openly gay City-County Councillor, Adamson has embodied the hope of Indy’s LGBT community, hope for an Indianapolis legislative body more representative of the diverse peoples it seeks to govern.


André CarsonThe Deep Roots of Tradition
Congressman André Carson, Democrat
U.S. Representative for Indiana’s 7th congressional district

Carson embodies the tradition of the Civil Rights Movement that came before him, which has provided the blueprint for the LBGT political struggle. He is the grandson of former U.S. Representative Julia Carson and they both have been vocal allies in the fight for equality.


Mayor Gregory BallardThe Ever-Changing Now
Mayor Gregory A. Ballard, Republican
City of Indianapolis

The current fight for LBGT equality finds allies crossing party lines and defying the expectations that come with party affiliations. Republican Mayor Ballard typifies this new reality. He stood in staunch opposition to HJR-3 (formerly HJR-6), which would have permanently change Indiana’s constitution from one that governs into one that sanctions discrimination and injustice. Then in February 2014, Ballard renewed the wedding vows of loving couples — gay and straight — at a ceremony at the City Market.


Laying the Groundwork for the Future Sen. Joe Donnelly
Senator Joe Donnelly, Democrat
U.S. Senator

In 2013, Senator Joe Donnelly became the first sitting United States Senator to write a letter of welcome for Circle City IN Pride, and he is returning to do so in 2014.  In his tenure in the House of Representatives, Donnelly supported the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and stronger protections for the LGBT community against employment discrimination, and in 2013, he became the 52nd Senator to fully support marriage equality.




On behalf of Indy Pride, Inc., we would like to welcome you to Indianapolis!